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The 15th century oak door at the entrance to the Cathedral Library

Stone banister carving

A carved head at the base of the stone banister leading up the spiral staircase to the Library.

The carved stone bishop's head above the Library door.

This is likely to be either Bishop William Aiscough who as Bishop from 1438 until his murder at Edington on 29th June 1450 or his successor Bishop Richard Beauchamp. While at Salisbury Bishop Beauchamp saw the canonisation of St Osmund and oversaw the building of the strainer arches.

Library landing ceiling bosses

Three carved ceiling bosses at the top of the Library stairs, an angel, a flower and a fantastical animal chasing its own tail.

The Library's medieval door handle.

Medieval book chains.

These chains would have originally been used to chain the books individually to the shelves. The scarcity and thus high value of the books would have warranted such security precautions.

The manuscript cupboard

This impressive cupboard houses the Library's manuscript collection. The cupboard and the majority of the current bookcases were built in situ by the Cathedral's carpenters in the early 1980s from the wood of elm trees felled in the Close due to Dutch Elm disease.

Carved stone head of King Henry VI

This head of Henry VI is above the library door, opposite the bishop's head. Henry VI donated 30 oak trees from the royal forests to construct the original library shelves.