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On Friday 25 October the Cathedral Floor will be closed to visitors until 1.15pm. The Chapter House and Magna Carta will be open as normal.


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Before the climb

Arthur Needham, Philip Scorer (Vitruvius Conservation and Gary Price Clerk of Works (R) Photo by Ash Mills

Clerk of Works Gary Price on his way up the spire

Gary stops for a breather during his ascent.

Don't look down!

Not at the top yet, but already an amazing view

Actually, don't look up either!

Those last 30 feet are the worst

On the way up

Climbing band by band... Photo by Ash Mills

Reached the top at last

The Works Yard as few have seen it before.

Check out that selfie stick!

At the top! Photo by Ash Mills

The last bit of morning mist in the distance

Another view of our beautiful city


Highlights video of Spire Climb

Not for the faint hearted! Filmed using go-pros - ground footage and editing by Ash Mills Photography.