Salisbury Cathedral Chapter Minutes 1935-1942

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Chapter Minute Book 1935-1942

Enthronement of Bishop Ernest Neville

This entry gives a detailed account of the ceremonies surrounding the enthronement of Bishop Ernest Neville in May 1936.

Statue of King Edward VII above the entrance to the Close

Here it appears that there was some disagreement between the Clerk of Works and Chapter as to the fate of the statue of King Edward VII above the High Street Gate (also known as the North Gate) into The Close. The statue was erected in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII.

Relocation of the Library manuscript books in World War II

The collection of handwritten or manuscript books dating from the 9th to 15th centuries is one of the great treasures of the Cathedral. Here plans were made to relocate them from the Library to a strong room in the Chapter Office for safekeeping.

Relocation of the Library manuscript books to Westwood Quarry

Later the books were removed further away - to Westwood Quarry in Bradford Upon Avon. The quarry was also used by the British Museum and the V&A during World War II. The volume referred to as 'Liber Evidentia C' is a 13th century cartulary in which the Cathedral scribes copied all important documents received by the Cathedral - it includes a copy of Salisbury 1215 Magna Carta,

Call up of Cathedral staff to military service in World War II

Damage to windows during air raids and fire-watching duties

Here The Clerk of Works' reports damage (probably relatively minor) to windows during an air raid and fire-watching duties carried out by the Home Guard in World War II.

Salisbury Cathedral buys a lawn mover

The Clerk of Works also reports on the installation of amplifiers in the Cathedral.