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Salisbury Spire: the Last 70 Years

Wednesday 2nd August 2017 to Sunday 3rd September 2017
North Transept
West Front and Spire Salisbury Cathedral

The Cathedral archive contains thousands of documents dating from 1136 to the present day - all looked after by a professional archivist and a team of skilled and enthusiastic volunteers.  Much is already known about the Cathedral’s earliest history from medieval to Victorian times but not so much is known about its more recent past.  We wanted to change this by doing our own research in the archive and we chose to start with the Spire – instantly recognisable and loved by many.

During the project a team of volunteers investigated many different archive documents: committee minutes, newspaper cuttings, photographs, reports from the Friends, surveys and condition reports of the stonework and many, many more.  This exhibition is part of the result of that research – enabling us to understand more fully the continuous effort and energy needed to preserve this iconic structure and the affection in which it has been held by many over the years.

Come and see original photos and documents from the archive and find out more about the restoration and maintenance of the Spire as well as fundraising campaigns and special events.

Why not get involved? Don't miss our Archive Discovery Day on 5 August, please see here for further information.