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RSPB Date with Nature

RSPB Date with Nature Salisbury Cathedral
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Salisbury Cathedral

Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 11:00 - 16:00

About the event

Come to our Cathedral lawn and watch first hand as our peregrine chicks begin to fledge the nest and take flight. A team of RSPB staff and volunteers will have a gazebo by the entrance to the Cloisters with telescopes focussed on the peregrines. There will be plenty of action as the brave chicks take their first steps out into the world and the parents attempt spectacular aerial food passes.


In the RSPB gazebo there will be information about the history of the peregrines nesting on the Cathedral and on the current pair and this year’s juveniles.  Information will also be available about the local RSPB reserves Winterbourne Downs and Garston Wood.


This event will not be running on the following dates:
Friday 28 June
Saturday 29 June
Sunday 30 June
Sunday 7 July
Friday 12 July
Sunday 14 July
Sunday 21 July


Learn more about our peregrines here


Free drop-in, no booking required.