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Judging a Book by its Cover - The History and Stories of Historic Bookbindings

Tuesday 15th May 2018
14:00 - 15:00
North Transept

Lecturer David Pearson, (Retired) Director of Culture, Heritage and Libraries for the City of London Corporation, has worked in numerous historic and research libraries.  David is also a renowned scholar in the field of book history and the author of English Bookbinding Styles 1450-1800.

Our Beyond the Library Door cataloguing project will be recording not only the authors and titles of the books, but also details of their physical construction – their bookbindings.  Bindings have traditionally been noticed, or studied, only if they were expensively decorated, but today we recognise the value of bindings of all kinds as unique handmade objects.  They may manifest evidence of the ways in which books were owned, used, read and regarded, and we should consider them as part of the whole story that any book can individually tell.  This talk will explore the historical value of bindings from all these angles, and will be followed by an opportunity to see examples from the Salisbury collections.  

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Free, included in your donation to the Cathedral