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'Beyond' by Diane Maclean

Friday 14th June 2019 to Monday 30th September 2019
Beyond Diane Maclean - Salisbury Cathedral 10 June 2019- photo by Ash Mills

Award winning sculptor Diane Maclean works mostly with large-scale forms, often in stainless steel, incorporating light, reflection, colour and movement.  Created in response to a place, a theme or an idea, her works combine reflective surfaces and open structures to create strong visual connections to the context of the surroundings, inviting interaction with the viewer.

This exhibition allows us to consider the purpose of a place like Salisbury Cathedral as a space to reflect and discuss the possibilities of the encounter that we might find when we cross over a threshold. Diane creates sanctuaries and paths that lead us to reflect on this architectural space and what churches present in today’s world. The materials she uses allow us to experience ourselves reflected within these spaces - we become an integrated, immersive part of the installation.

Join in on one of our free, drop in, guided tours of this exhibition on the following dates:

Tuesday 16 July                   11:00
Tuesday 23 July                  11:00
Monday 29 July                   11:00
Saturday 3 August               11:00
Monday 5 August                14:00
Friday 9 August                   14:00
Thursday 15 August            11:00
Saturday 24 August             14:00
Friday 30 August                 11:00
Tuesday 3 September          11:00
Wednesday 11 September    11:00
Friday 20 September            11:00
Thursday 26 September       14:00

This exhibition is curated by Jacquiline Creswell, Salisbury Cathedral's Visual Arts Advisor.

Click here for more information about Diane and her work.