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Our Works Department

Works Team Sept 2016

Salisbury is one of only nine of England’s 42 cathedrals that have their own Works Department and the team is a multi-disciplined team of artisans made up of; Stone Masons, Glaziers, Labourers, a Joiner, a Plumber, a Technician, a Clerk of the Works and his PA. 

While we complete the Major Repair Programme we can currently take a limited amount of work from external clients in the fields of stone masonry, stone sawing, letter cutting (design, execution and restoration) and glazing (design, execution and restoration). We can accept local commissions, or if you live farther away but can bring the item to us we can work on it in our own workshops. Please, in the first instance, contact us on or with your enquiry.

We are also instrumental in organising the larger art installations and even putting up the Cathedral's Christmas trees! See the attachments below for more information on some of the elements of all we do.

Salisbury Cathedral Works Department | The Fabric Office | The Works Yard | The Close | Salisbury | SP1 2EN 

Tel: 01722 555115 or 01722 555145 for masonry,

or 01722 555144 for glazing

E-mail: or visit:



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