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Green Goals

'Avoiding climate breakdown will require cathedral thinking.

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Green Goals

'Avoiding climate breakdown will require cathedral thinking. We must lay the foundation while we may not know exactly how to build the ceiling' Greta Thunberg, addressing MPs in Westminster.

The words of Greta Thunberg, the reports from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change and the UN’s Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity are all telling us that our world is on notice to make the changes required to avoid irreversible harm to life on earth. This will requires action at every level, from the global to the personal. We in the Salisbury Cathedral community are anxious to play our full part.

In 2018 the Cathedral received a Silver Award as part of the Eco Church scheme created by A Rocha UK. This unique scheme allows churches to gauge their contribution to the environment and society. The Eco Church survey covers topics as diverse as Worship and Teaching, Management of Church Buildings and Land, Community and Global Engagement and Lifestyle. In other words, everything from how the Cathedral worships and what food it serves to the energy it uses, the wildlife that lives in and around the Close, and even the water that flushes from the loos. Our ambition is to go for the Gold Award in 2021.

Canon Treasurer, Robert Titley says: “The Cathedral is a work-in-progress as far as the Eco Church is concerned. We are keen not just to maintain current standards but to keep improving. In 2019 we completed an audit of the wildlife in the Cathedral Close (thanks to great work by the Close residents), while 2020 saw us install solar panels on the cloister roof. Our Eco Survey, produced by the Cathedral Community Forum, will help us all do better in terms of our personal lifestyles.”

Please complete the downloadable Eco Survey below and drop it off at the Cathedral Vestry or post it to:
Salisbury Cathedral Eco Church Survey, 65 Wyndham House, Salisbury SP1 2EN

Eco Survey Download.docx

If you would like to know more about Eco Church, follow this link If you would like to hear more about our progress in greening the Cathedral, contact Canon Robert Titley.