An Unbroken Tradition of Worship for 800 Years | Salisbury Cathedral

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Welcome to the website of Salisbury Cathedral. This holy place has captivated pilgrims, worshippers, and visitors for more than 800 years. In its breath-taking beauty we glimpse the faith and hope of those who conceived of it and built it and, as we gaze upon their work, we find our own faith and hope restored.

The Cathedral is first and foremost a place of prayer, where an unbroken tradition of worship has been offered to the God of eternity throughout its long history, a tradition which continues today. It is also a place which is concerned for human liberty in God’s world. We take seriously our custodianship of Magna Carta, that historic attempt to restrain the abuse of unchecked power and, inspired by the window in the Trinity Chapel, we pray each month for a Prisoner of Conscience. It is also a place of profound creativity, where beautiful music is made, world-class heritage craft skills are exercised, and all are invited to discover and use their unique gifts.

 So Salisbury Cathedral is a place concerned with liberty, creativity, and eternity. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than greeting those who come to visit us – whether to worship, to hear wonderful music, or to marvel at the glorious architecture and the fascinating history. I hope that your visit to our website will soon become a visit to us in person.

We welcome you in Christ’s name, and look forward to meeting you in person.




Nicholas Papadopulos

Dean of Salisbury