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Welcome to the website of Salisbury Cathedral. This holy place has captivated its visitors for nearly 800 years. In its soaring beauty we glimpse the faith and hope of those who conceived of it and built it, and as we gaze upon their work we find our own faith and hope restored.


 The Cathedral is first and foremost a place of prayer, where an unbroken tradition of worship has been offered to God throughout its long history, a tradition which continues today. It is also a place which is concerned for human liberty in God’s world. We take seriously our custodianship of Magna Carta, that historic attempt to restrain the abuse of unchecked power and, inspired by the window in the Trinity Chapel, we pray regularly for Prisoners of Conscience. It is also a place of profound creativity, where beautiful music is made and world-class heritage craft skills are exercised.


The Coronavirus pandemic changes none of this. Salisbury Cathedral remains a place concerned with liberty, creativity, and eternity.  Through this website and through our other channels of communication you can still join us daily in prayer, still marvel at the architectural splendour of this exceptional place, and still allow yourself to be challenged by the God who in Christ promises that “the truth shall set you free”.


We pray every day for relief from the cruelty of the virus, and we hope that one day soon your visit to our website will become a visit to us in person. In Christ’s name we greet you now, and look forward to greeting you then.



Nicholas Papadopulos

Dean of Salisbury