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Master Plan

Salisbury Cathedral Summer Panorama

Wiltshire Council endorsed the Cathedral’s revised Masterplan on 23 February 2017. 


The proposals within the Masterplan evolved over the last few years and in particular as a result of the thoughtful and detailed responses to our public consultation in 2015 which helped us fine tune our ideas of how best we might use our valuable resources. 


Master planning is a tool that Wiltshire Council uses in particularly significant areas to establish an agreed basis for future decisions.  Salisbury Cathedral’s masterplan is designed to give clarity regarding our long term aspirations and how we might explore ways of improving the experience of visiting, studying and worshipping at the Cathedral in the future.  Any subsequent developments related to ideas set out in the masterplan will still be subject to standard planning processes.


An outline of Masterplan can be found here: 

PDF icon Salisbury Cathedral Masterplan Outline Final 19_09_16.pdf


Jackie Molnar, Chapter Clerk said: 


‘We have really appreciated the way that the community has engaged with our ideas throughout the process and the constructive relationship we have with the Council.  The Master Plan will now act as a framework for the coming years as we continue to consider how we can make the best use of the buildings and land within our care and widen access to our history and treasures for the many people who use and visit the Cathedral.  In an environment of such great historic significance as Salisbury Cathedral Close, all projects are rightly subjected to thorough scrutiny by various authorities.  Over the coming years, as we bring more detailed proposals forward, there will be further opportunities for people to engage and to comment.’


See below for our Strategic Plan 2017-2022.