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Community Forum

All regular worshipping members of our congregation, staff and volunteers are represented by the Cathedral Community Forum (CCF). This is an elected body, which meets every three months and considers concerns and comments raised by its members. It also receives information and presentations from the Cathedral Chapter with the opportunity to add feedback - so, it has a positive role in representing the peoples’ views to Chapter, and in providing a channel for disseminating information and news. Two members of the CCF are elected to sit on the Cathedral Council, and the Forum also has representatives on Deanery Synod and on Churches Together in Salisbury.


One of its most important functions is to consider the large number of requests received from local, national and international charities and then to make recommendations for the distribution of a proportion of the offertory and other collections which are available for charitable giving.


The Forum members (listed below) are happy to hear any views from the congregation on any aspect of the activities of the Cathedral. Anyone with any comments is invited to write to the chairman of the Forum or to speak to any Forum member - Forum members can be identified by badges and will be present in the Cathedral in particular following the Sunday morning Eucharist.


The forum is at present chaired by John Pitt-Brooke with Patrick Thomas as Treasurer and Liz Barnard as Secretary. Other members of the forum are :-

Rosemary Allen, Chris Barnard, Julia Lever, Kayode Ejibunu, Sylvia Roseamann, Colin Smith, Paul Smith, Dame Rosemary Spencer, Robert Titley and Sonia Woolley.


You can download the DRAFT minutes of the last meeting, which are subject to agreement at this year's AGM on 7 October, and the Offertory accounts below - they have been published online to economise on printing.


You can contact the forum by emailing