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The College of Canons

The College of Canons meets twice a year in order to perform:
  • Corporate worship and prayer
  • Functions conferred by the appointment of Bishops Act 1533 on the Dean and Chapter
  • Express through its members the integral relationship between the Cathedral and the rest of the diocese of Salisbury
  • Provides a forum in which the Chapter, as appropriate, seeks its views on matters affecting the Cathedral and keeps such members informed of the work of the Cathedral
  • Receives, considers and expresses views on the annual report and accounts of the Cathedral
  • Discusses any matters concerning the Cathedral raised by any members of the College
  • Performs any functions requested by the Bishop after consultation with the Chapter

The members of the College of Canons are the Bishop, the Dean, Suffragan and full-time Assistant Bishops, the Archdeacons and every Lay and Clerical Canon of the Cathedral.