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Organ Recitals 2017

Salisbury Cathedral presents a prestigious line-up of organists in the 2017 Organ Recital Series.


All recitals feature big screen projection and take place on Wednesdays at 7.30pm, between April and October. 


Wednesday 26 April
Organist:          Ian Wicks

Programme:      Walter Alcock (1861–1947): Introduction & Passacaglia
                        Marcel Dupré (1886–1971): Cortège et Litanie
                        J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Prelude & Fugue in G (BWV 541)
                        William Lloyd Webber (1914–82): Benedictus
                        Percy Whitlock (1903–46): Sonata in C minor (i. Grave–Animato, iii. Scherzetto)
                        Julius Reubke (1834–58): Sonata on the 94th Psalm

Wednesday 24 May
Organist:          Claudia Grinnell 

Programme:      Herbert Howells (1892–1983): Psalm Prelude (Set 1, No 1)
                        J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Trio Sonata in C (BWV 529)
                        Louis Vierne (1870–1937): Clair de Lune
                        William Byrd (c1540–1623): Fantasia in A minor (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
                        Paul Hindemith (1895–1963): Sonata No 1
                        Dan Locklair (b1949): Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ)           

Wednesday 28 June   
Organist:          David Halls 

Programme:      Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens (1823–81): Fanfare                           
                        Charles-Marie Widor (1844–1937): Symphony No 5 (i. Allegro vivace)  
                        Eugène Gigout (1844–1925): Scherzo
                        James MacMillan (b1959): Gaudeamus in loci pace
                        J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Dorian Toccata & Fugue in D minor (BWV 538)
                        Eric Coates (1886–1957): Dance in the Twilight
                        Alexandre Guilmant (1837–1911): March on a theme of Handel 
                        Charles-Marie Widor: Symphony No 4 (iii. Andante cantabile: Dolce)
                        Marcel Lanquetuit (1894–1985): Toccata

Wednesday 26 July
Organist:          Peter Gould

Programme:      J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Prelude & Fugue in E flat (BWV 552)
                        Joseph Haydn (1732–1809) arr. Peter Gould (b1952): Two Derbyshire Marches
                        Herbert Howells (1892–1983): Psalm Preludes (Set 2, No 1)
                        Alfred Hollins (1865–1942): Berceuse
                        Kenneth Leighton (1929–88): Paean
                        Charles-Marie Widor (1844–1937): Symphony No 6

Wednesday 30 August
Organist:          Paul Carr 

Programme:      Naji Hakim (b1955): Ouverture Libanaise
                        Marcel Dupré (1886–1971): Choral et Fugue
                        Derek Bourgeois (b1941): Serenade, and Variations on a theme by Herbert Howells
                        J.S. Bach (1685–1750): Fugue in G (BWV 577)
                        Sir William Harris (1883–1973): Sonata in A minor
                        Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873–1943) arr. Paul Carr (b1974): Vocalise
                        Marco Enrico Bossi (1861–1925): Etude Symphonique

Wednesday 20 September
Organist:          Peter Stevens

Programme:      Franz Schmidt (1874–1939): Prelude and Fugue in D
                        Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750): Passacaglia (BWV 582)
                        César Franck (1822–90): Choral No 1
                        John Ireland (1879–1962): Elegiac Romance
                        Maurice Duruflé (1902–86): Suite

Wednesday 18 October (The Emery Recital)
Charles Harrison

Programme:      J. S. Bach (1685–1750): Prelude & Fugue in A minor (BWV 543)
                        Michel Corrette (1707–95): Cromhorne en taille (Premier Livre d’Orgue)
                        Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676–1749): Récit de Nazard (Suite deuxième ton)
                        Jean-François Dandrieu (c1682–1738): Duo en cors de chasse (Premier Livre d’Orgue)
                        Joseph-Ermend Bonnal (1880–1934): Paysages Euskariens
                        Maurice Duruflé (1902–86): Scherzo
                        Edward Elgar (1857–1934): Sonata


All recitals take place on Wednesday at 7.30pm in Salisbury Cathedral.
Big screen projection is available at all recitals and there will be relevant CDs/DVDs for sale.

Tickets: £10 (£7.50 wheelchair)
Recital series brochure: £2
Tickets available online at and on the door on the night


For future local and national organ recitals visit