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For each Major Repair Area (MRA – see Major Repair Programme page for more information) that the Salisbury Cathedral Stone Masons, Conservators and Glaziers work on, the schedule of work is the same;

  1. Photogrammetry;
  2. Scaffolding;
  3. Cleaning;
  4. Pre-photography;
  5. Scheduling;
  6. Mould cutting;
  7. Sawing;
  8. Masonry banker work;
  9. Stone fixing;
  10. Masonry conservation;
  11. Plumbing;
  12. Carpentry
  13. Glazing works;
  14. “After” photography.

Photogrammetry: This is taking a sequence of overlapping photos from a suitable distance, then applying them to a CAD (Computer Aided Design) and producing a drawing of the elevation; this is then our blank canvas to work from.

Scaffolding: This is then erected to the elevation at suitable lift (distance between the levels) heights so we can gain access.