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Learning through Art

Learning through art

Art offers us a powerful way of learning through creating connections, providing encounters and opening up possibilities for transformation.  

Salisbury Cathedral is blessed here with a stunning array of permanent art within the building and Close either as part of the fabric or as stand-alone pieces such as William Pye’s outstanding font or Elizabeth Frink’s Walking Madonna. Our art here at the Cathedral is a means of engaging with people who may not otherwise come our way. Some may not wish to attend an act of worship but would come for an exhibition. Others choose to visit us solely for the architecture. For these reasons, art is a hugely important way to support learning.

At the Cathedral, there are opportunities for learning and accessing art not only through looking and seeing, but also actively by reflecting upon and taking part in art physically. Whether to visitors, school groups or worshippers, adults or children, art can offer a range of encounters, learning opportunities and exciting ways to engage and stimulate thinking and action.

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