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Give As You Live

Did you know that you can help preserve Salisbury Cathedral for future generations simply by sitting at home and doing your shopping?  Shop at your favourite on-line store (such as Amazon, eBay, Asos, John Lewis, Waitrose, M&S and over 4,000 more) and they’ll donate to Salisbury Cathedral – without charging you a penny more. 


Last November and December, a staggering £24bn was spent online – and it’s expected to be even more this year!  Imagine what could be done if even just 1% of that could be given to organisations like Salisbury Cathedral?


So why not try Give as you Live this winter?  You can sign up by clicking here and simply follow the instructions to install on your browser.


Don’t forget, shopping through Give as you Live is no different to shopping online normally, it’s just as secure as shopping normally.  The only difference it could make is to future generations who will be able to enjoy the Cathedral as we do.