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Learning and Outreach

The Education Centre at Salisbury Cathedral hosts a variety of workshops and experiential learning programmes for children of varying levels and abilities. Most recently, the team has developed special activities for children with learning difficulties and disabilities - as well as children who are at risk of being failed by the education system – which have been extremely well received.  They are in turn supported by a valuable team of volunteers.
The Education Secretary has recently made changes to the national curriculum.  This means that some of the programmes they have prepared for older children will have to be re-worked for young children and vice versa.  This is especially true as we gear ourselves up for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015.  We would love to be able to make the background and resource material  developed by the Education Centre more widely available to children of different ages and abilities.  This anniversary gives them a wonderful opportunity to extend children’s learning experience beyond history and religion to ones that will equip children to face the social and political challenges of the world they will inherit.
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