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The Somme: Shellshock versus Cowardice on the Somme: The Life and Death of Private Harry Farr

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Professor Sir Simon Wessely hosts the third and final of our WW1 Lectures. Simon is Chair of Psychological Medicine, King’s College London.   Director, King’s Centre for Military Health Research and President, Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Professor Wessely will explain The Life and Death of Private Harry Farr. Private Harry Farr was a British soldier executed for alleged cowardice during the Battle of the Somme. His fate was particularly tragic because he had a history of "shell shock".  After many years, Harry and all the others executed for military offences during the First World War, were finally granted a posthumous pardon.


But what exactly had happened to Harry on that fateful day when he refused to go into the trenches?  The vast majority of those sentenced to death by British Court Martials were reprieved - why wasn't Harry? 


Private Harry Farr was executed on October 16th 1916.   Professor Wessely was an expert witness and has written and researched the background to the case.  Things are never quite what they seem!


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Running time approx. 1 hour (no interval)

Doors open 6:30pm

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